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Purple Watch 2023 Has Begun!

Hello Lavender Loving Friends,

Hope all is wonderful in your world. Purple Watch 2023 has begun!!

This time of year is when we evaluate our lavender, one plant at a time. This is a very time-consuming task as there are over 1000 plants and only two of us and one of us has a full-time job outside the farm!! We make sure the base of each plant is carefully cleaned of any debris and weeds. At the same time, we check each branch and cut away any dead. This is all done by hand and yes, I admit it's back-breaking work. However, it's a true labor of love and some days more labor than love HA!!

So far, it’s clear that Mother Nature has not been kind to us (throw in color language). We’re finding winter damage as well as frost damage from spring. It was not a good winter for lavender and by that, I mean, we had mostly ice and very little snow. Snow cover is important as it insulates the plants, protecting them from ice and wind. We also experienced prolonged periods of freezing temps. And, spring was not ideal either. It warmed up early, which caused all the gardens to wake up. Then, we got hit with frost *sigh*. And, if that wasn't enough, the yo-yo temps did not help *double sigh*.

Lavandula Angustifolia Folgate

Those little brown spots are buds that started to form when we got hit with frost. Sadly, I don't think they will bloom.

So, what does all this mean and how will this affect the bloom times? I’m not completely certain yet. As we go through the field, examining each plant, we will determine which ones we keep and which ones need to be pulled (said in a whisper). We only pull plants that are completely dead. If there's any sign of life, it stays. In some cases, we cut it way down and sometimes they bounce back stronger the following season 🙏 This is also the time of year when we’re flooded with inquiries... “Is the lavender in bloom yet?” The short answer is Not Yet. Our Lavandula Angustifolias (English) typically start to bloom middle to end of June. The Royal Velvet faired the best with the least amount of damage. They are starting to form buds!! Our Folgate, Mustead, and Hidcote are all struggling. Our Lavandula x Intermedias (French) typically start to bloom beginning to middle of July. They are sending up shoots and starting to form buds.

These are our Lavandula x Intermedias. They're not looking too bad. Some of them are starting to form buds which is way too early. It will be interesting to see when they come into bloom this season.

Jim and I work so hard to create a beautiful oasis for you to escape to and enjoy. We love that our lavender brings joy to so many of you and hate the idea of disappointing you. We ask for patience and grace as we continue to work on our plants and watch their progress. Stay tuned for Purple Watch Updates in the coming weeks.

We hope that you will continue to support us as you have in the past. Our shop is stocked with all our best-selling lavender products as well as some lovely home décor and accessories. For those of you who have yet to visit us, trust me when I tell you that the lavender field is just a fraction of what makes our property so special. It truly is a special place with a calming and healing energy you’ll sense from the moment you drive onto the property.


In keeping with our goal of providing you with opportunities to nourish your mind, body and soul, we have a number of events hosted by incredible like-minded women who have put together amazing events for you to participate in. These events usually sell out so don't hesitate to get your tickets.

Hope to see you soon!!

With Love & Gratitude,

Monica & Jim


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