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This beautiful lace top beaded sheer organza sachet is filled with organically grown Lavandula x. intermedia "Grosso" aka French Lavender.  It's trimmed with crystal clear beads which dangle from the lace skirt.  

Sachet measures approximately 5" x 4".  Entire length from top of hanging loop to bottom of sachet is approximately 8.5" and it's a light ivory color.  

Lavender Sachets are perfect for drawers, closets, purses and gym bags.  Keep one in your car, on your desk as a stress reliever or on your night stand.  By gently squeezing the sachet, you release the essential oils in the buds filling the air with the soothing scent of lavender.  This sachet will give you years of relaxing aromatherapy.

Life is Better with Lavender.

Lace Top Beaded Sheer Organza Lavender Sachet

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