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Welcome 2022 Season - 4/22/2022


Hello Dear Lavender Loving Friends,

Hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones happy and healthy. We miss seeing your smiling faces and can’t wait to re-open. Jim and I have been working very hard getting the property and the shop ready for you to enjoy.

Welcome to all our new subscribers. We’re thrilled to have you and hope you’ll visit us soon.

We are happy to announce that Opening Day for the 2022 season will be Friday, May 6. Our hours will remain Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from 10 am – 5 pm. Our shop is stocked with all our best-selling lavender products and we’ve added a few new products this season which we can’t wait to introduce.

We’ve also been busy planning several events... some favorites and some new. A few of these are listed on our Event Page so be sure to mark your calendar. Tickets will become available as we finalize each event.


I always find myself holding my breath this time of year. This is when I remind you to be patient with your lavender. We’re coming off a very harsh winter with prolonged periods of freezing temps and ice storms. And, spring... well, the calendar says it’s spring but somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature. Spring has been super wet and the yo-yo temps are making me nervous.

Here are a few tips:

  • Be Patient!! Just because your lavender looks dead doesn’t mean it is. Give it more time to come out of dormancy.

  • Clean away any debris that has collected at the base of the plant which will trap in moisture. Remember lavender likes it dry.

  • Do Not prune yet. If you didn’t get a chance to prune last fall, you can prune in the spring but you must wait until the danger of frost has passed.

If you have questions or concerns, I’m always happy to help.


What’s New?? I’m glad you asked. If you visit in the next several weeks you’ll see Jim has started construction on what will be our new 30’ x 60’ Pavillion. We’re so excited about this project as it will give us the ability to host more events. Stay tuned for more details.


This season we’re introducing a series of Petite Retreats focusing on YOU!! We’re all so busy taking care of the people we love that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. These One Day Wellness & Empowerment Events will focus on mind, body and spirit, aka Self-Care. The goal is to provide a safe space for sharing, learning, setting goals and intentions, self-discovery and growth, support and encouragement, soul searching and healing. These retreats will include everything from physical health through exercise/workouts, yoga, tai chi, pilates, etc. to talks on nutrition and healthy eating, stress management, to mental/emotional health, to helping you find your voice through writing workshops.

The first of these retreats is one I’m super excited about. We’ve partnered with Vibha Rana, Founder & Owner, Green Tulip Health & Wellness, LLC, and Certified Ayurveda Consultant & Therapist, along with Mary Ellen Moses, E-RYT, NJLMT, MLDT of Awakening Point Yoga Studio, to bring you an Ayurveda Petite Retreat. Registrations are now being accepted for this unique opportunity you won’t want to miss.


Like most small businesses, we find ourselves struggling with making difficult decisions especially when it comes to pricing. A wise person asked me as I was sharing my struggle with them: Are you running a business or are you sharing an expensive hobby? The operating and maintenance costs to keep the farm open have increased significantly. We have seen a huge increase in the cost of ingredients (especially the organic ingredients used in our products), bottles, jars, lids, pumps, labels, ink and shipping costs. While it brings us great joy seeing our guests enjoying their time with us, we can no longer continue to absorb these costs. Therefore, we have no other choice but to raise prices on most of our products. We appreciate your support as we continue to bring you the highest quality products and a beautiful oasis to escape to.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you again and sharing our “farm sweet farm” with you.

With Love & Gratitude,

Monica & Jim


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