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Purple Watch Update - 6/30/2023

Hello Lavender Loving Friends,

I can't believe it's been a month since my last Newsletter!! There just aren't enough hours in the day *sigh*

Here's a quick Purple Watch Update:

Our English varieties took the biggest hit from the hard frost we had after Mother's Day. We've got plants that have stems at various stages. Some stems are in full bloom while some are just starting out. We've never experienced this before with our lavender. The reason for this is that the plants started to form buds and the frost burned some of the buds but not all. So the ones that survived the frost continued to mature. The stems that burned are regenerating and starting to form buds again!! So while some of the plants are in partial bloom now, it looks like we'll get a second bloom from the buds that are forming now. Time will tell...

Here you can see our Royal Velvet in partial bloom and at the same time starting to form new buds.

Our Lavandula x Intermedias (French) are starting to show some color.

I know everyone wants to know when is the best time to come visit to see the field in full bloom. Sadly, I cannot give you an exact date, especially with this strange weather we've been experiencing. As with all other plants, Mother Nature will dictate when the plants will bloom and for how long they'll bloom.

The Tiger Lilies and Day Lilies are happy. Any idea what type of butterfly that is???

Be sure to visit the Events Page for a list of upcoming events. July 14 - Gentle Yin & Restorative Yoga with Cello July 17 - A Fearless Grieving Retreat - A Day of Holistic Recovery September 8 - Reiki & Restore Mini Retreat September 16 - Ayurveda Reflexology Event - Registration Info Coming Soon September 29 - Class on a Glass Lavender Painting REMINDER - Please check the website for special hours due to private events. Hope to you soon!! With Love & Gratitude, Monica & Jim


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