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Purple Watch Update - 6/16/2022


Hello Lavender Loving Friends,

I just wanted to give you a quick status update on the lavender blooms. The color on our English Lavender is gorgeous right now. I'm hoping they'll last at least a couple more weeks but you know Mother Nature is the Boss and she decides when the lavender will bloom and how long they'll last.

As I've mentioned, we suffered lots of winter and early spring damage this season. Out of all our English varieties, Folgate took the biggest hit and our Royal Velvet did the best. Our French are coming along and I'm hopeful we'll see some blooms in July... fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed. Despite, all the damage in the field, I do love this time of year around the property. The gardens are coming alive and showing off their gorgeous colors, the bees are busy, the butterflies are making the rounds, the dragonflies are hovering and then quickly speeding off and the birds are filling the air with joyful sounds.


As previously mentioned, we will not be offering Cut Your Own Lavender this season but we hope to have a limited amount of bundles available as we harvest throughout the season.

For those of you who have never visited us before, please take a moment to visit our website where you'll find lots of helpful information including an Important Info Page, FAQ Page, Photography Policy Page and Places To Visit Page. We hope this information will make your time with us more enjoyable.


Tickets are now available for several special events:

Hope to you soon!!

With Love & Gratitude,

Monica & Jim


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