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Purple Watch 2022


Hello Lavender Loving Friends,

I see purple!! It won't be long now. As I previously mentioned, we are still assessing the extent of the winter damage to our plants. Thankfully, it's not as devastating as I initially thought. I've been cutting away all the dead branches from the damaged plants so they're not the perfectly formed mounds we're all used to seeing but, to me, they're just as beautiful. We will have blooms, just not as prolific as in past seasons. Purple Watch Updates will be posted via our Newsletter as well as social media whenever possible.

As most of you know, we have different cultivars that bloom at different times. Our Lavandula Angustifolia (English) typically bloom middle to end of June and our Lavandula x Intermedia (French) typically bloom beginning to middle of July. Of course, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. She determines the bloom times as well as the duration of the blooms.

At this time, all our cultivars have formed buds. Our Folgate are always the first amongst our English to bloom. Sadly, they're the ones that have the greatest amount of damage.

We will not be offering Cut Your Own Lavender this season. A limited amount of bundles will be available as we harvest throughout the season.

When visiting the farm please keep in mind that this is also our home and we ask that you please treat it with respect. When we opened our home to visitors it was, and still is, our intention to share the beauty and healing energy of the property in the hopes of bringing much needed peace into the lives of our guests. It is our desire that when our guests leave, that they do so a little happier than when they came in. It gives us great joy to see our guests enjoying themselves during their visits with us, whether it's taking selfies with family and friends, making memories or just soaking in the sun. So, we hope that you support our ability to stay open by visiting the shop and purchasing some of the many handmade artisan lavender products or one of a kind items made by local artisans. When you support us, you also support them and for that we are truly grateful.


Have you checked out the Events Page recently? Tickets are now available for several events:

Our June 25 Sunset At The Lavender Farm Event is now sold out and we have started a Wait List. If you didn't get tickets to this one don't fret. Tickets for the July 16 Sunset At The Lavender Farm Event as well as our other events will be available as we finalize details. Hope to you soon!!

With Love & Gratitude,

Monica & Jim


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