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Let's Talk Soap and Sanitizer

Hello Beautiful Lavender Loving Friends, Let’s talk soap. We all know that washing your hands is important. These days the simple act of washing your hands is vital. The CDC recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and clean warm or cold water. This easy task is just one way to help protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19. We have two types of handmade artisan soaps which contain quality natural ingredients including 100% pure and natural essential oils. They are made in small batches to insure quality. Our soaps are vegan and do not contain synthetic fragrances or colorants. They do not contain Palm Oil, Lard or Tallow. Our Lavender Eucalyptus Liquid Soap is amazing. The blend of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils is invigorating and soothing at the same time. It produces a luxurious silky lather leaving your hands clean and smelling oh so good. Our Handmade Artisan Bar Soaps are made by my friend Erin of Mt. Lebanon Soap Company located right here in Port Murray. We offer a variety of amazing lavender scent combinations and of course, they are all made with 100% pure essential oils. They also contain Shea Butter which as you know is incredibly moisturizing. These soaps produce a rich lather and are also wonderful in the shower. Now, let’s talk hand sanitizers. Since we don’t always have access to soap and water, these days it’s more important than ever to have the ability to make sure your hands are clean. A good alternative to soap and water is hand cleansers. We have a limited amount of Hand Cleansing Gels in 2 oz. bottles which are perfect to take with you everywhere you go. Our Lavender Hand Cleansing Gel contains 21% Organic Alcohol and Lavender Essential Oil which acts as an anti-microbial. It's cooling gel cleans your hands and leaves them feeling soft and smelling fresh with a light lavender scent. And now, some good news and bad news regarding the Citrus Hand Cleansing Gel containing 64% alcohol that we’ve all been waiting for. The good news is I finally have some in stock and ready to ship in limited quantities. The bad news is I only received a partial shipment. And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, my bottles supplier was only able to ship me part of my order as well. At this point it looks like the balance of my orders won’t be shipped for several weeks *sigh* I have spent countless hours searching for other suppliers and even considered other packaging options but these items are in high demand all over the country. I am frustrated that I am not able to bring you the products you want when you want them and I apologize for that. If you are interested in these products don't delay. Visit our online store where you'll find these and other products. As mentioned in my previous newsletter, we’re offering free shipping on orders over $75. And, Contactless Curbside Pick-Up is also available.

Thank You to everyone who has been supporting us either through placing an order, sharing our posts or just reaching out to check on us. Your support means the world to us. Let's continue to respect the Stay At Home Order and practice Social Distancing when we do have to go out... it's working!! And, Wash Your Hands :) Can't wait to see you again. In the meantime, we pray that you Stay Strong, Stay Safe and Stay Well. With Love & Gratitude, Jim & Monica


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