Latest News - 7/29/2021

Hello Lavender Loving Friends,

All Good Things Must Come To An End - I don't like that saying at all. But, it does remind us to be present and appreciative of the things that bring us joy because they won't last forever.

Sadly, the blooms have faded. Even though the various shades of purple are gone, the scent of lavender is still strong. Did you know that by gentle squeezing your lavender plant you release that wonderful aroma produced by the essential oil in the plant?

The bees are still working hard and enjoying the blooms that are left. By the way, we still have a small supply of honey from the first harvest but this supply won't last long. The next harvest will most likely not happen until the Fall.

I had so much fun trying to get pictures of the bees this morning. It's ridiculous the amount of pictures I took only to get a few good shots.

I'm grateful the deer have not discovered the Stargazer Lilly yet. It's been a few years since I've seen this many blooming and they looked so beautiful during last night's golden hour. I'm thrilled to see some Echinacea too, although most are just stalks *sigh*. Oh and I made a new friend today (watch video below).

We've added a couple of new products to the shop that we're super excited about!! First, for all you foodies out there, you're going to LOVE these... Lavender Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lavender Balsamic Vinegar and Herbs de Provence Dipping Blend!! You're Welcome!! I can't get enough of these!!

This weekend we're introducing our new ice cream flavor... drum roll please... Lavender Chocolate Chip!! The freezer is stocked with Lavender, Lavender Raspberry and Lavender Chocolate Chip (Angels Singing). Thank You to our good friends, Brooks & Candace of Bank Street Creamery.