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Orchard View Lavender Farm and Family Homestead


Professional Photoshoots


When we started our lavender farm in May of 2015 we never imagined that it would become such a popular and loved location for photographers and their clients.


We currently have approximately 1500 lavender plants at various stages of maturity.  Our English cultivars typically start blooming middle to end of June and can last into July. Our French cultivars typically start blooming beginning to middle of July and can sometimes last into August.  Obviously, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. She dictates the bloom times as well as the duration of the blooms.  We cannot guaranty when the lavender will be in bloom.  However, keep in mind that the lavender field is just a fraction of what makes our property so special.  Even when the lavender is not in bloom, the property is truly extraordinary.  


Here are some important factors to keep in mind:


We are a working lavender farm which is open to the public on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am – 5 pm from May through December so there are usually visitors in the field and on the property.  Since we harvest our lavender and sometimes offer “Cut Your Own” lavender during the bloom season we cannot guaranty perfectly intact rows.


It is also important to mention that we have honey bee hives on the property and our bees are busy doing their thing on the lavender as well as the many gardens throughout the property.  Honey Bees and Bumble Bees are not aggressive and will not bother you as long as you respect them and are not aggressive towards them. 


In addition to the lavender field, there are plenty of other beautiful areas on the property that provide a lovely backdrop for your photos and you are welcome to wander around to capture the perfect shots.  


If you have not visited the farm before, we recommend that you do so prior to your scheduling photoshoot to see firsthand whether the property is suitable for your photography needs.    


Any photoshoot such as wedding, first look, maternity, engagement, family portraits, newborn, graduation, professional head shots, fashion, etc. or photos taken to be sold for profit or to promote a business, service or social media account, requires an appointment, site fee and signed contract.  


We reserve the right to refuse unscheduled photoshoots or shoots we deem as professional.  Photographers must arrange their shoots in advance.  We recommend that you schedule your shoots Monday thru Thursday as it is less crowded at the farm.  If you choose to schedule your photoshoot during our normal business hours (Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays 10 am – 5 pm) you can expect to find visitors in the field and on the property.  You MUST be respectful and mindful of their experience as well.  We WILL stop/shutdown any photoshoot that is disruptive to other guests and we will not issue a refund.


Golden Hour Photoshoots (6:00 pm – 8:00 pm) are also available Monday thru Thursday by appointment only.  


To schedule a site visit or photoshoot and to receive a sample contract, please send your request to 

and please include your desired date and time.


The Site Fee is only $100 for a two-hour window and $60 for each additional hour after that. Photographers MUST provide a Certificate of Insurance naming Orchard View Lavender Farm, LLC as the additional insured.


Every effort is made to provide Photographers the exclusive use of the property when photoshoots are scheduled during “closed hours”. However, that is not always possible.  Photographers MUST be respectful of other photographers and their clients.  Photographers may rent the property exclusively for $200 for a two-hour window and $60 for each additional hour after that.    


All photos posted on social media by Photographer and/or clients must mention/tag Orchard View Lavender Farm.  In addition, we request that you provide us with a few digital images (with logo) for our website and social media accounts.  We will, of course, mention/tag/give credit to the photographer.   

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