Getting the Field Ready

So, just when we thought the Winter of 2015 was over, Mother Nature decided to send us one more snow day, covering the field yet again.  And, as if that wasn't bad enough, the field was still frozen in April. 

But, Spring finally sprung bringing with it many hours of back-breaking work getting the field ready.  First, we took several soil samples to send to the lab for testing. We marked the field with marking paint to layout the overall size of the field. Using a sod cutter we created 35 rows totaling 1.1 miles.  Our soil test came back showing a slightly low ph level so we amended the rows with a little lyme. Then the rows had to be tilled and hoed and then huge rocks and roots had to be removed.  We put down landscape fabric and secured it with staples.  Since we are under a deadline and since we are not as young as we used to be, we decided to hire a couple of strong youngins to speed up the process.  And, even the City Girl Flock lent a helping hand... I mean wing.  

Let the Planting Begin...

Planting Day finally arrived. Jim and I planted a total of 816 baby lavender on May 16, 2015.  Thanks to the generous help of my wonderful sister we were able to get it done in one weekend.  We planted Grosso, Super, Folgate and Royal Velvet.  Then we did it again the following weekend!!  On May 23 we planted a total of 447 lavender babies including Phenomenal, Provence and Hidcote Blue.  And, next Spring we'll be planting another 500 or so consisting of Buena Vista, Melissa an Hidcote Pink.

A Labor of Love...

Hard to believe it's nearly August and the summer of 2015 is almost over.  Our Lavender is looking and smelling amazing. We've been spending most of our time making sure the lavender are happy and healthy, triming them back, weeding and mowing the field. Sadly, we suffered a few losses which is to be expected.  But, never fear!!  We will be replacing them next spring and we will also be planting a few other varieties as well.  My favorite time in the field is early in the morning and also at sunset.  It's so peaceful and tranquil.  It truly is a very special place.

Finally, Spring 2016 ???

We faced some challenges at the end of last season and we were hoping for a cold Winter for the sake of our lavender plants.  We felt confident that the Winter of 2015/2016 would be just like past Winters.  But, wouldn't you know it, we had a very mild Winter with only one snow storm.  Sadly, we lost a few plants but we'll be replacing them throughout the season.

So, we've had a strange Spring.  The temps were all over the place with daytime only reaching into the 60's and 30's at night with frost.  On May 15, we had a hail storm.  The picture below is the view from my office window looking out towards the lavender field. You can see the hail on the roof.  I hope Mother Nature gets back on track soon!!  Despite the crazy weather, the lavender is slowly coming out of dormancy quite beautifully and we're looking forward to opening day.

Our Special Place

After nearly two years of planning we finally opened on June 11, 2016.  What an amazing weekend it was.  This truly is a special place and we invite you to come visit us and experience the beauty, peace and tranquility.  Hope to see you soon.  

Orchard View Lavender Farm - 101 Karrsville Road, Port Murray, New Jersey 07865 - 201-341-8147

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